Accelerate Your Employee Feedback With Pulse Survey Software- Fast And Frequent

Track employee engagement and make improvements quickly with LoomPin’s pulse survey software. Get frequent feedback to measure changes in engagement and take action faster.

  • Measure employee experience and organizational health frequently, quickly, and easily.
  • Track progress on company-wide HR initiatives such as inclusion and diversity or career development.
  • Collect ongoing feedback from employees about specific projects or workstreams with LoomPin’s employee pulse survey software.

Harness The Power Of Pulse Survey Pulse Survey

Get To Know Your Workforce Better

Get To Know Your Workforce Better

Improve your employee experience with ongoing pulse surveys that offer an easy-to-use survey builder, in-product expertise, and intuitive employee directory management for actionable insights on your workforce.

Collect Real-Time Insights Frequently

Collect Real-Time Insights Frequently

Make informed decisions with real-time insights and role-based dashboards that allow leaders and managers to act on employee feedback quickly. With automated analytics, drill-down reporting, and powerful filtering, even complex organizations can gain an understanding of their workforce in real-time.

Impactful Insights For Your Bottom Line

Impactful Insights For Your Bottom Line

Transform insights into business impact with action planning tools and expert guidance that enable your managers to implement improvements and track progress towards enhancing employee experience.

Discover The Benefits Of Employee Pulse Programs

Take Control Of Your Surveys With Our Enterprise-Grade Survey Software

Take control of your employee experience with our Enterprise-grade survey software. Choose from pre-built programs or create, customize, and test your employee surveys in minutes without any coding or IT support. With various question types, embedded data, advanced branching and display logic, triggers, and mobile compatibility, it’s easier than ever to prioritize your employee’s voice in your most critical decisions.

AI Analytics At Your Fingertips Your Device

Ensure your leaders get every ounce of insight from their employee pulse surveys with LoomPin AI – our predictive intelligence engine that bakes artificial intelligence and machine learning right into your employee pulse dashboards. LoomPin AI automatically analyses and surfaces critical employee insights within the data. With advanced statistical, predictive, and text-based analysis, you’ll instantly know which actions to take to have the biggest impact on your organization’s KPIs.

Accelerate Improvements Improvements Across Your Organization

Empower leaders to initiate change and track progress at all levels of the organization. With customizable and pre-built action plans, managers can set deadlines, collaborate with other leaders or team members, and outline specific tasks to achieve desired results.

Action planning reports keep managers on track and enable tracking of progress by team, department, and topic. This feature helps focus efforts on areas that need improvement, enabling managers to implement changes effectively.

What Are Employee Pulse Surveys? Pulse Surveys?

Full-scale employee engagement programs are highly effective at delivering comprehensive employee engagement insights. However, they may not be flexible enough to capture frequent changes and developments in employee engagement and experience. Waiting for a year or two to gather employee and organizational data is no longer a viable option for organizations. To address this, employee pulse surveys provide more frequent, agile, and actionable employee feedback to drive organizational impact.

Leveraging the LoomPin employee experience platform, employee pulse programs offer automated organizational hierarchy management, intelligent text and statistical analytics, and built-in action planning. With pulse surveys, people analytics teams can quickly and flexibly deploy surveys, collect feedback, analyze data in real time, and manage action and impact reporting from a single dashboard.

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