Employee Benefits, designed by employees,  by employees,  for employees

Design and deliver compelling total reward programs effortlessly with LoomPin’s Employee benefits Program tool that uses employee feedback to create the ideal benefits package.

  • Competitive reward and compensation packages attract top candidates
  • Optimize benefits package based on employee feedback
  • Real-time simulation of benefits tradeoffs to evaluate each option’s impact

Designed by employees, for employees for employees for employees

Effortless And Rapid Setup

Effortless And Rapid Setup

Effortlessly set up your rewards program with the built-in wizard, taking you from setup to insights in just minutes. Simply input the rewards you want to test and let the wizard handle everything else, from questionnaire creation to reporting and analysis

Try Every Possible Combination

Try Every Possible Combination

Automatically analyze every potential combination of benefits based on the trade-offs employees are willing to make, to surface the best package for your people.

Instantly Simulate The Impact

Instantly Simulate The Impact

Drag and drop benefits into your package with our simulator tool and instantly see how it compares to the existing or optimal package.

Make your employees the center of your rewards program

Instant feedback, powerful impact!

Instantly optimize your benefits package with LoomPin Benefits Program to get real-time data, advanced conjoint analysis insights and make impactful changes faster.

Deliver Perfect Packages Perfect Packages Within Budget

With LoomPin Benefits Program, balance employee satisfaction and budgets effortlessly. See which changes will have the biggest impact on your people while staying on track with your budget.

Stay up-to-date with evolving demands

Stay agile and up-to-date with evolving demands.

LoomPin Benefits Program allows you to test new packages and adapt quickly, without costly analysis or waiting for months. It can be used at any time, not just during annual reviews.

What is Employee Benefits Program? Employee Benefits Program?

An employee benefits analysis assesses the current satisfaction with benefits packages as part of total compensation to attract and retain talent. Manual analysis can take months and is often only done once a year, but new technologies like LoomPin allow for frequent testing of new packages, reducing costs and accelerating timelines.

Experience Transformation Experience Measurement Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle


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