Product Pricing

Unlock Greater Profits from Your Product Investment

Boost Your Brand and Revenue with Customized Product and Marketing Strategies, Powered by LoomPin’s Market Segmentation Software. Discover What Works Best for Every Customer Segment, Regardless of Complexity.

Boost Revenue with Customer-Centric Strategies

  • Tailor products and services to specific customer segments for increased demand
  • Target the right customers with the right message to improve marketing campaigns
  • Gain a detailed understanding of customer willingness to pay to boost revenue and profitability

LoomPin Research Service

Gain Access to Customer Insights:

  • Simulate Real-World Pricing Scenarios and Target the Right Audience.
  • Find Your Ideal Panel of Respondents with LoomPin’s General Population or Niche Results, for Both B2B and B2C Customer Bases.

Powerful Gabor Granger pricing studies

Optimize Your Pricing Strategy with LoomPin’s Advanced Logic and Powerful Capabilities. Measure Price Elasticity with Ease through Gabor Granger Studies and Determine Market Price Tolerances to Generate Demand and Revenue Curves. Find the Perfect Revenue-Maximizing Price.

What is Pricing Research?

Unveiling the Optimal Price Point for Maximum Profit, Revenue, or Market Share. Determine the Ideal Pricing Strategy with Pricing Studies to Increase Revenue and Profit Margins, as well as Discovering Customer Willingness to Pay for Your Products or Services.

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