Action planning and insights on employee engagement in real-time.

Transform your workplace culture and increase employee satisfaction with our cutting-edge tools for real-time engagement insights and action planning. Our innovative approach empowers you to make data-driven decisions and create a more productive and engaged workforce. Join the ranks of successful organizations that have seen measurable improvements in their bottom line by prioritizing employee engagement.


Make a difference by empowering employees

Enable all managers within your organization to enhance employee engagement through up-to-the-minute data that guides them on the specific areas to concentrate their efforts, resulting in improved employee performance.

The LoomPin simplifies the process of identifying the key drivers of employee experience, engagement, and productivity, enabling you to take prompt action to establish a world-class organizational culture.

  • Enhance employee engagement organization-wide by addressing issues promptly using real-time data.
  • Observe the impact of actions on employee productivity and organizational KPIs.
  • Empower managers with data and action plans to improve employee engagement.
  • Reduce unwanted and costly attrition.


Your company may be Complex but your employee engagement software shoudn't be.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting for you – our advanced organizational hierarchy tool automatically aligns feedback to your structure, regardless of its complexity. This results in pre-configured dashboards and results that provide relevant data to leaders and managers across the organization, not just the human resources department. With many filters that enable them to analyze employee feedback in detail, they can identify engagement drivers at every level of the organization.

Pre-Built Employee Engagement Expertise Package

Launch a world-class employee engagement program in no time, with Loompin’s pre-packaged expert content including surveys, workflow, automation, and action planning built directly into the platform.

Experience Transformation Experience Measurement Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle


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