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Transform your workplace culture and increase employee satisfaction with our cutting-edge tools for real-time engagement insights and action planning. Our innovative approach empowers you to make data-driven decisions and create a more productive and engaged workforce. Join the ranks of successful organizations that have seen measurable improvements in their bottom line by prioritizing employee engagement.

Enterprise Security

Built for enterprise security

To ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, we have implemented a range of security measures in our LoomPin SAAS Platform. These include –

  • Email security with SMTP server setup and DKIM
  • Data encryption in transit
  • Data centers audited with industry-standard SSAE-16 methods
  • Data redundancy for resilience during disasters
  • Independent third-party security reviews and penetration tests
  • Continuous network monitoring
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • In-house 24/7 security operations center
  • Active session management
  • Users can opt out of re-contact for a survey
  • Control password parameters and expirations
  • Industry-standard security evaluations
  • Role-based authentication
  • Data centers in the EU, US, Canada, and APAC
  • Localized database in 35 Countries
  • Data isolation option for unique encryption keys
  • IP whitelisting

Safety & Security security

Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

As a SaaS service, LoomPin takes data protection seriously and performs Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) to ensure the privacy and security of personal data. Here's how LoomPin performs DPIAs:

1. Identify the risk: LoomPin identifies the potential risks associated with the personal data it processes.
2. Evaluate the risk: LoomPin assesses the likelihood and severity of each risk.
3. Determine measures: Based on the assessment, LoomPin determines measures to mitigate the identified risks.
4. Implement measures: LoomPin implements the measures and monitors their effectiveness.
5. Review and update: LoomPin reviews and updates the DPIA on a regular basis to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with the latest regulations.

Through the DPIA process, LoomPin is able to identify and mitigate potential risks to personal data, ensuring its protection and compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations

Data correction

At Loompin, we understand the importance of data accuracy and the right to correction under GDPR. Our platform allows brand administrators to quickly locate and modify personal data, ensuring compliance with the correction requirement. In the event of a data subject's request for modification, our user-friendly interface makes it simple to update their personal data.

Right to be forgotten

Ensuring compliance with the GDPR's right to be forgotten, LoomPin enables brand administrators to permanently delete individual contacts and respondent personal data using a data subject request. With LoomPin's one-touch data deletion functionality, erasure occurs in one place with just a few clicks, simplifying the process for administrators.

Control your platform with ease effortlessly

What is GDPR?

Enterprise security

GDPR effective date

The GDPR, effective from May 25th, 2018, imposes stricter regulations on businesses in terms of collecting, storing, and processing personal data of EU citizens. This affects organizations globally that handle such data. If you run an employee or customer experience program, you’ll probably be affected. The new rules bring many changes, including some key ones that impact your customer or employee experience programs.

Localized database

Localized database

Our survey platform, LoomPin, includes a localized database that operates in 27 countries. We adhere to strict privacy policies and do not transfer data between regions or countries. By implementing this approach, we can ensure state-of-the-art security for our customer Data.

Sensitive data handling

Sensitive data handling

Effortlessly control the collection of sensitive data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) throughout your organization by redacting and/or restricting it.

GDPR one-touch data deletion

GDPR one-touch data deletion

With just a click of a button, you can swiftly and effortlessly fulfill GDPR right-to-erasure requests. This includes deleting personal data that may be stored in survey responses, tickets, and contacts, regardless of the data's origin.

Own your data, own your rules!

Own your data, own your rules!

You have control over data collection, retention, and deletion. Regular backups ensure recovery, and all accounts have password protection with customizable complexity settings.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO)

Simplify user management with single sign-on authentication.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

Enhance data security by implementing multi-factor authentication for users.


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