Transform your HR data with powerful analytics powerful analytics

  • Leverage people analytics to turn HR data into real-time insights for business leaders
  • Use LoomPin’s robust and customizable people analytics software to serve your employees and enhance performance
  • Enhance workforce planning, identify leaders, and develop key competencies with data-driven insights
  • Combine experience data with performance management systems for a more comprehensive understanding of employee engagement
  • Drive business success with a diverse, engaged, and skilled workforce fueled by data-driven decision-making.

Explore our cutting-edge people analytics software people analytics software

Transform your data into meaningful insights

Transform your data into meaningful insights

Using people analytics, you can uncover critical insights from employee feedback and identify skills gaps, potential leaders, and disengagement warning signs with advanced AI-powered tools.

Assess your workforce on a large scale.

Assess your workforce on a large scale.

With LoomPin, gather and connect employee data throughout their entire lifecycle, from onboarding to exit, to make informed decisions on resource allocation, job specifications, and workforce planning based on data-driven insights instead of emotions.

Gain clarity on action steps.

Gain clarity on action steps.

Unlock the potential of big data with advanced statistical analysis and predictive analytics to identify impactful actions for reducing attrition, developing talent, and driving business growth.


Transform vast employee data into actionable insights.

LoomPin AI is a part of the Experience Management Platform that makes statistical analysis easy for everyone. It used to be that only one tech-savvy person with a spreadsheet could do people analytics, but now, with LoomPin AI, the entire HR team can deliver insights and expertise.

Analyze lifecycle engagement at every stage every phase every journey

By conducting advanced analysis of HR data, you can enhance employee experience at scale by identifying the significant touchpoints and measuring engagement from the recruitment process to offboarding, thus gaining insights into what drives engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Eliminate gut feelings with LoomPin text analytics

People analytics software replaces guesswork in hiring, engaging, developing, and retaining talent. By utilizing data analysis, you can manage employee performance with a more reliable approach, rather than making decisions based on intuition or past experience.

Discover what matters the most for your employees

Advanced analysis of employee engagement, retention, talent attraction, and benefits can provide valuable insights into what employees value the most and what employees do not like. Understanding their preferences regarding their experience, benefits, and growth opportunities can help shape performance management systems, rewards programs, and job descriptions to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Analyze reasons behind employee exits

By utilizing user-friendly dashboards and sophisticated predictive analytics, you can leverage data to identify and address underlying issues that might have gone unnoticed, such as hiring biases, unhealthy workplace cultures, inadequate resource distribution, and skills gaps.

Experience Transformation Experience Measurement Across the Entire Employee Lifecycle


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