Employee Engagement

Employee engagement Service enables you to gain insights into what drives your employees to exceed expectations at work, and then create an action plan to incorporate these findings into your organization. It assists companies in assessing, devising, and enhancing employee experiences, which ultimately aids in retaining your top performers and attracting high-caliber candidates.

LoomPin Employee Experience Management and similar employee engagement software aid in comprehending the factors that motivate your staff to surpass expectations and assist in creating an actionable plan to implement these findings in your organization.

Such software can enhance engagement and productivity by:

  • Increasing awareness of gaps in the employee experience and facilitating continuous actions at all levels to bridge them
  • Building internal employee experience capabilities to ensure that HR has the appropriate culture, competencies, and technology to impact business outcomes.

In addition, employee engagement software can help attract top talent by:

  • Enabling recruitment teams to improve the candidate experience Finding, hiring, and retaining top talent to develop critical skills and competencies and foster a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Effectively communicating the employer brand and culture through both internal and external channels
  • Increasing offer acceptance rates and reducing time-to-hire by delivering excellent candidate experiences at all touchpoints

Employee engagement software also enables you to retain your top talent and build a culture that prioritizes talent by

  • Developing the talent necessary to improve organizational strength and achieve business objectives
  • Building skilled and adaptable teams capable of driving business performance and adapting to change
  • Empowering the organization to act on insights from employee feedback
  • Enabling proactive action, simple measurement, and clear communication of talent outcomes and business impact
  • Employee Engagement software boosts engagement and productivity by identifying and closing employee experience gaps throughout the organization.
  • It attracts top talent by enabling recruitment teams to address candidate experience gaps during the hiring process, resulting in a diverse and inclusive culture.
  • It has been proven to drive revenue, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction, making it an essential tool for businesses.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience software simplifies the process of identifying effective engagement strategies and implementing them in real-time.
  • Integrating HR, business processes, and operational data with feedback from employees’ experiences is crucial for a holistic view of the workforce.
  • Employee engagement software should not only provide the what, but also help understand the way to drive engagement, and productivity, and reduce attrition.
  • Insights coupled with actions are essential for improvement.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience Management offers data, insights, and actions for both programmatic and real-time experience improvements.
  • The platform helps identify drivers of engagement and productivity at team, region, and division levels and provides global benchmarks and industry benchmarks for prioritizing action areas.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience Management includes key drivers, text analytics, and stats correlations to surface areas for focus without exporting data for analysis.
  • The highest levels of the organization can use the most powerful key drivers to identify policies, processes, and programs that employees struggle with the most.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience Management offers best-in-class security, data privacy, and compliance (GDPR) with enhanced confidentiality technology.

Free Account

Certainly, the LoomPin survey account is entirely free without any hidden fees or credit card requirements. If you want to upgrade to a more comprehensive package, you can either purchase it directly from the product/Setting or contact our team for assistance.

Your free survey account has no expiration date, giving you the freedom to use the survey tool whenever you need it.

LoomPin allows you to create various surveys to gather insights for customer, employee, brand, product, and marketing research. You can also build surveys for event signups, feedback, faculty & student satisfaction, informed consent, or other purposes. Begin by choosing from 50+ pre-built templates, or Create it from an Excel/CSV File or create a survey from scratch.

With your free LoomPin survey account, you can collect up to 500 responses per survey. If you need to collect more responses, you can either upgrade to a paid plan or contact our team to discuss your options.

You can create as many surveys as you want with LoomPin Surveys, but you can only have up to three active surveys at a time on your free account. Once you deactivate or delete a survey, you can replace it with a new one.

You can definitely create your own survey from scratch using LoomPin’s 8 different question types, in case you prefer to customize your content rather than using one of their 50+ pre-built templates and Questions Library.

Yes, while building the survey, LoomPin provides a question library on various Topics to help you ask the appropriate questions for your survey, ensuring you get the right information every time.

LoomPin Surveys enables you to distribute your surveys through various channels, including email, Linked, Embedded Link, SMS, and others, to reach your respondents wherever they are.

Certainly! LoomPin Surveys provides reporting features to all users, enabling them to analyze their results, download them as CSV/Excel files, Or Download the result in PDF and share them with relevant stakeholders.

If you want to access all the features of LoomPin, you can sign up for a 7-day trial of the Standard Account, which will provide you with full access to the platform.

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LoomPin accepts payments through credit cards and Stripe. We plan to expand our payment options to include PayPal and Swish in the near future.


Yes, we offer a refund if you’re not satisfied with loompin. Contact us for more information.


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