• Integrating HR, business processes, and operational data with feedback from employees’ experiences is crucial for a holistic view of the workforce.
  • Employee engagement software should not only provide the what, but also help understand the way to drive engagement, and productivity, and reduce attrition.
  • Insights coupled with actions are essential for improvement.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience Management offers data, insights, and actions for both programmatic and real-time experience improvements.
  • The platform helps identify drivers of engagement and productivity at team, region, and division levels and provides global benchmarks and industry benchmarks for prioritizing action areas.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience Management includes key drivers, text analytics, and stats correlations to surface areas for focus without exporting data for analysis.
  • The highest levels of the organization can use the most powerful key drivers to identify policies, processes, and programs that employees struggle with the most.
  • LoomPin Employee Experience Management offers best-in-class security, data privacy, and compliance (GDPR) with enhanced confidentiality technology.

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